Baby Badasses

NFT tokens that reward you in BNB for holding!

Meet the Baby Badasses, an awesome collection of NFTs that you’ll want to collect! There are some tasty incentives for holding and even buying more - you get 15% of the minting fees in BNB.

The earlier you buy, the more you’ll earn!

Baby Badasses minted: 0

What are Baby Badasses?

The Baby Badasses are 5,000 unique collectible characters with proof of ownership stored on the Binance Smart Chain, forever. 4940 Of the Baby Badasses are randomly generated with a plethora of attributes using a secret algorithm. 60 Specials well-known characters have been specially designed. This ensures ultimate exclusivity.

Why should you REALLY ape?

Not only do original minters get 15% reflection from the minting transactions to start off with, just wait until we launch our marketplace! OG minters will earn 5% in LIFETIME royalties from the buy and sells of the Baby Badasses they originally minted!

5% of the marketplace transaction volume goes to holders as well!

Minting fees
Reflected to all Baby Badasses holders during the minting phase
Lifetime royalties
For original minters
To holders from trading volume on the marketplace
To the team
From trading volume on the marketplace


Our first priority is to launch the marketplace for Baby Badasses so that holders can start earning rewards as soon as possible.

Our second priority will be to increase the transaction volume of the marketplace so we will continue building the social presence of Baby Badasses.

There are whales and influencers who are eyeing the LAUNCH. We will be working with some big names too!

The Team


Show me the Money honey!


Hands Off My Camel!!


Loves to show off his Deck.


Loves a Good tantrum.