Doing your own research, huh?

Each Badass has a unique set of attributes and is created using a proprietary algorithm ensuring that distribution is fair and random. Proof of ownership is stored on the Binance Smart Chain.

Simply click on the mint button on the homepage to mint. Pay the minting fee and you will have your BabyBadass character!

Go to the ‘Collection’ tab on the menu and connect your wallet to view your Baby Badasses.

5,000 in total.

During the minting phase, holders will earn 5% in passive BNB rewards from each minting transaction. So the earlier you are, the more BNB rewards you will earn!

Holders will earn a 5% cut from all transactions on the Marketplace after it launches. If there are a lot of transactions, holders could be earning a lot depending on how many Baby Badasses they own.

Additionally, anyone who originally minted a Badass earns 5% in royalties FOREVER for the characters they minted. This means that if you sell a Badass that specific character then changes hands in the future, you will earn 5% from those transactions.

In short, Baby Badasses can generate you a passive income.

Please join our Telegram to find out when the marketplace launches: https://t.me/babybadassNFts

A total of 7% tax will be charged per transaction (buy/sell).
5% to holders in BNB, 2% to the team.

• Legendary
• Super Rare
• Rare
• Uncommon
• Common